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    #3 in the top 10 CIG Guides

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    Anyone use a wireless headset for gaming?

    I use this one. Love it. Link
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    Amazing Area 51 raid photo gets out!

    Look at the baby Apache! How cute!
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    Turd option in personal inventory

    My guess is fertilizer as there looks to be plant icons as well.
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    Thank you.
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    Delete post
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    SC Wallpaper

    Yeah, Thought this post was going to include wall papers. Click bait :)
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    Tumbril Motorcycles!!!

    I got the RC version. I like the wheeled bikes much better then the hover bikes. Imagine long winding roads and taking a Sunday drive through the Mountains on an Alien planet in Star Citizen :). Open it up and see what this baby can do!
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    Green Ursa Rover Giveaway Inside! (Thanks to all who donated this past month!)

    TEST is BEST because we have an unlimited supply of Auroras!
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    Angry Joe on Atlas

    I walked up to a group of people on a raft near the shore line of a starting area. All I was doing was standing by the fire for a few seconds hoping it would get me warm because I was old and dying. I didn't know wait else to do and then I heard one person in the group say hi F#$, yeah...
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    Buybacks available :)

    Thanks @Elmy for the Constellation Aquila to Carrack upgrade!
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