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    Mining Values Found in the 3.8 PTU

    Screen of mining today. That prices above is per % not per SCU, seems correct.
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    Mining Values Found in the 3.8 PTU

    Not saying that prices is correct. Just posted a list so you can update yours if something is missing :P Also the sources. Didn't write it of course. Cause i am lazy lol. Pretty sure values will be according to market value at the time, since Quanta and stuff. And types of ores can always change...
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    Mining Values Found in the 3.8 PTU

    Ressource Deposit % aUEC Bexalite Felsic, Obsidian 1 1.309,41 Borase Asteroid (E-Type) 1 1.047,22 Taranite Atacamite, Igneous 1 1037,87 Laranite Granite 1 968, 33 Agricium Atacamite, Gneiss, Granite, Shale 1 864,17 Hephaestanite Felsic, Obsidian 1 470,38 Diamond Atacamite, Gneiss...
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    Fleet Repository

    Updated fleet
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    A moment of silence for the soon deceased RSI Website

    Considering it still has 100's thousands fans with money to hammer it for caps :P The first ones whos gonna hammer is not fans, but mere resellers.
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    What I Hope RSI Learns From Other Games - Early MMORPG

    Space Stations? Destroyed ground bases? Stolen all your stuff from Warehouse? Capital miners and Research ships destroyed. Thats some motivation. And no one said you cannot control space sector. It might be not same as EVE, but you can grab piece of space and call it yours, kill everyone who...
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    What I Hope RSI Learns From Other Games - Early MMORPG

    SWG - PVP (15/10) - PVE (15/10) - Crafting (15/10) - Market (15/10) - Community (15/10) - Content (0/10) if you didn't make it you didn't have it
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    AMD Ryzen 3900x or Intel 9900ks ?

    I am trying to pick the damn CPU and board for upgrade, but reading all the materials i didn't come closer to conclusion. Motheboards are practically same, MSI Godlike either X570 or Z390, the disadvantage of intel is lack of WiFi 6 and some newer features. CPU of Gen 9 is simply older, no...
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