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    You should be seeing a reduction in the 30k's now

    Can't wait to test the stability :love: Well, hopefully on Feb
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    What the hell is this?! :wut:
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    I'm still looking for an apartment at Singapore so hopefully able to join fun on February. How has these started? Had fun a lot?
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    Me me me. But I'm also concerned about the timezones, but mostly about when do I get online again. I'm dismantling my rig for moving abroad on next week and most likely I'll get it online earliest at February, but I imagine this idea doesn't die in just a couple of months :) EDIT: Oh, and...
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    Megasonni jumping aboard

    Cool, thanks for tips! Really hope that those calendared events work to my time zone even a bit! :o7: I sincerely hope it doesn't go to that and that one Prospector is most expensive thing I buy because of this game 😅
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    Megasonni jumping aboard

    Hello fellow Citizens! Megasonni here. From terribly cold Winland 🇫🇮, yay. Bought first game package at 2015, heard about organizations about a month ago. Like mentioned in my application I'm one of those drunkards ( :drunk: ) flying around the verse and first thought - when I heard about TEST...
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