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    Complete Star Citizen Medical Gameplay Guide 3.15

    The Main advantage is the advanced mode, which allows you to administer all drugs. With RYT tool its only hemazol.
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    TSMC That's The Shenanigans For Me

    Milsim Lite means only slightly drunk?
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    Crypto discussion

    to be clear I'm not saying the market isn't manipulated. Thats painfully obvious. But the Wyckoff analysis is just simply incomplete. cheers So its like using the formula wrong, but getting the right result ^^
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    Nomad to Carrack Upgrade path Resources?

    Some people probably have an old exploration pack for $695 in buyback. might be worth looking into that You get Carrack Terrapin Dur cyclone Rn Dragonfly for that
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    Crypto discussion

    Wyckoff needs Volume confirmation which he simply hasn't checked
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    Tony Zurovec update on Quanta: Back End Wizardry

    I loved when he said "slowly and gradually we are implementing this" Probably still a long way to go
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    Crypto discussion

    Yeah expect the same. We migth see 41000 USD. If it drops lower well fuck Another find regarding doge View: Elon holding 25% of doge? Highly speculative though.
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    Crypto discussion

    Nobody asked for it but here it is the Fuck Elon Musk coin
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    Industry Nothing pays better..

    Best way to make money is doing the stuff you like.
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    Creature finally incoming into the 'verse??

    *sad space whale noises*
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Thats actually something i heard a lot more recently. That lockdowns cause more death through suicide, isolation and socio-economic factors
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    Vanguard Warden Distortion Loadout

    dps Calculator (Erkul) tells you that For cart go there:
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    [LEAK] Crusader next Concept sale on the way?

    StAhP MaKiNG ShIpS AnD fInIsH tHe gAmE!!!!11!
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    ROC DS (AKA ROC 2.0)

    3.13j "ROC-DS Balance pass Updated ROC-DS with a unique mining head that improves it's mining/tractor range and power. Increased cargo capacity"
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    Scotch TEST Dummies?!

    visitied scotland three years ago, made some destillery tours. I'm not much into "turf" or heavily smoked whiskys. What i tried: Original Glenmorangie (10 years i think) is good, a little light sometimes 4/5 good price Try Glenmorangie Nectar Dor or Quinta Ruban port if you want a slightly...
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