It starts with Pong.
1 trick LCD Games.
TI-99-4a with selve-typed games from magazines.
X286 /16MHZ/1MB Ram -> fast forward -》Welcome to the Dawn of VR.
So yes, i've been playing games for pretty much all of my life, grownup or otherwise.
Got me a job too.
If you are good at getting any game running on any rig you got a foot in the service industry anyway.
I'm from Germany so keeps that in mind when my english starts sounding weird. Also blame the beer.
Personal Hangar
RSI Aurora, RSI Constellation, Aegis Avenger, Aegis Vanguard, Aegis Redeemer, Anvil Hornet, Banu Merchantman, Drake Cutlass, Origin 300 Series, Xi'An Khartu-Al
Timezone Avalibility
RSI Handle
IT-Service Technician. Whatever that actually is...


"Do not ask how many times a men has fallen. Ask how many times he got up again."
Inscription on the tombstone of an empty grave.​


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