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    7 weeks with Test!

    I always knew I was hanging out with the right kind of people when I found TEST. My wife will be delighted, i'll show her the reference when the gets home 🙂
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    7 weeks with Test!

    And there was me thinking you were doing an Eddie Izzard quote:
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    [Video] Citizencon 2018 - Crowd reactions to Keynote

    It has come to light that the issue was all of the emails flying around Youtube HQ slowing the servers down. I can leak now that the prepared response to your video intro, from Youtube itself, is going to be: "Yo dawg, wut wut wut da whack? Biggidybong - Shizzle brambda didcot!" Which...
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    This dude.......

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    7 weeks with Test!

    The ruling has to be the same in as in any strip club: You see with your eyes, not your hands - DON'T TOUCH THE STRIPPERS. So as no one is coming into contact with them it's up to their own personal preference as to how much hair they have, they 'aint being forced.
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    This dude.......

    Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole, and not that of any one class - Plato 😉
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    Celebrating my 235th year as a TESTie

    A year on Mercury is 88 Earth days long but the Mercury day is 175 Earth days long... So a Murcury day is like twice as long as a Mercury year...
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    [Video] Citizencon 2018 - Crowd reactions to Keynote

    Thank you, Glorious Leader!
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    7 weeks with Test!

    Mmm, that was nice. Can I have another piece?
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    7 weeks with Test!

    Mmmm, steak and ale pie! I'll have cake, please.
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    I’ve been here for 3 years!

    Good stuff, you've more staying power than something that stays powerfully.
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    4 years with Test!

    Congratulations! I'd write something about going by the Jupiter Calendar but i'm starting to repeat myself 🙂
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    TEST has 17,678 members... but how many Crew will we need?

    That is the deal we have running with them, after all. We pretend they are a credible threat and they pretend applying for a certificate to fly your own ship wasn't an idea so daft that a member of TEST could have come up with it 😉 Other ideas that TESTies could pitch to ADI for their...
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    Is anyone going to buy the Kraken?

    Yes! We can "Borrow" Olisar! It's full of Big Bennys machines, we'll never be hungry again!