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    Coordinates: How to get to Benny Henge

    FYI, someone put a quantum beacon up to it not too long ago. If it was one of yous'all, thanks much!
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    Star Citizen Halloween Celebrations : How to get the Benny Henge

    It bugged for me I guess, despite clicking 'Log Out' in the bed interaction still woke up in Port Olisar 😦. I'll probably see if you're available for a bit tomorrow evening. Still want to give it a college try on finding it and busy for the rest of the day with kids and then Warships Clan Battles.
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    Star Citizen Halloween Celebrations : How to get the Benny Henge

    Have tried that but didn't work for me so had to keep a bead on Yela and constantly check the distance to Grimhex listed on the starmap. Made the two coordinates but haven't found the correct asteroid yet in about an hour of searching and resetting location. Brought my prospector though, so...
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    Star Citizen Halloween Celebrations : How to get the Benny Henge

    Can’t seem to make it to bennyhenge :(. Grim Hex keeps disappearing from my quantum travel view abd using the star map for distance seems to always mess up my orientation
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    Esperia Talon is up for sale on coincerge

    A Milano would immediately replace any ship I have in its price bracket, hell even two of a lower bracket if necessary.
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    [Video] Talon concept sale $90 warbond

    Went with Shrike, will get my Dakka from my Saber. It might have also been the purple wings, though.
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    New ship from Esperia?

    For some reason, I’m getting ground vehicle vibes.
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    RSI Odin

    Super interesting but doubt it'll replace my Polaris. or Redeemer, but love seeing it!
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    Theaters of War should be going to Evocati soon!

    Ack! Too rusty, must practice!
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    Fleet Repository

    Can't really imagine going any bigger than adding a ground vehicle or space bike.
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    State Of The Squadron 41

    Wait... I've heard rumors that after 41 comes 42... oh my
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    State Of The Squadron 41

    Ahh I missed these...
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    Thanks much all, glad to be back!
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    Hey ya'll! So, looks like I had my 5th anniversary as a member of the Glorious Test Squardon, but have specifically stayed away from all thing SC for the past 3 years since I don't do so well on long waits. Since I've joined, I've had 2 kids (5 year old and 2 year old now in addition to the...
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    Member Added

    Thanks all again! Definitely planning on painting nails with Space Marine chapter logos and getting a pink BB rifle
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