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    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    Since I am just starting up I am not sure what play style will be the best for me. I know pure PVP will take awhile to train up. So maybe some hauling to make money or mining and some quests. Try it all out and see what sticks. Cooperative game play does appeal to me and I dont mind...
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    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    I have a 315P as starter ship from 2015 but I would like to get another ship to play as well. I am thinking about a Drake Cutlass Black but I am open to options. What would be the best ships to be able to try out the different parts of the game?
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    New Pilot reporting for Duty

    I am Solaric in star citizen. I am currently downloading the game. I last played it about 8 or 9 years ago. I was one of the early backers but was waiting for it to mature. Where you from stranger? East Coast USA What drew you to Star Citizen? I love flight games and used to be a flight...
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