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    New Years resolutions 2022

    One can only hope! mine is to become a great dad for my 8 month old, and to really start working less, living a better and healthier life. And to crash 80% less when landing at Loreville / A18…
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    My second real video... please gib feedback!

    thank you!
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    🎄Merry Christmas (TESTivus)🎄

    Another year, another beer! Have a blessed holiday!
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    My second real video... please gib feedback!

    Hi all! Almost a happy Christmas! I have moved to a new home, that is in the middle of renovation, with a 7 month old and a sausage dog... hard to work and make videos! xD But here is my second real video, I will appreciate some feedback! Thank you all!
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    Hello All

    Welcome! You will have more fun than in eve! Just make sure to bring enough beer!
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    Some people just want to solo all ship! Regardless of size xD
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I have thought about this a little as I have a 7month old. These are all covid babies - and potentially first time parents. So if I was told my baby has covid, I would take him to the hospital for observation and just to make sure he is fine. The schools were open just before, so the chance of...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I want to be optimistic... just not so sure on this one... but it is from one of the main hospital groups in the country: What are your thoughts?
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    Youtube video take 2...

    Hi all Thank you for all the amazing support and advice. I have taken a lot of it to heart and hope it shows in this video. Please do give further advice for me to improve, as well as the type of content you would like to see / feel is currently missing on the youtubes! Cheers!
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    There is also talk that there are more children under the age of 9 infected than before.
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    Bringing some juice too test Squadron

    I like juicy fruit! If its fermented that is! Welcome!
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    We have a friend that has the new variant. What is alarming is that she had the Delta variant and had the antibodies. So even though this is qualitative data, it shows that there are signs of why to be alarmed about this one. (a side note, she is on the high-risk list as she does have lupus, so...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I can start to say what I am hearing on the ground from friends and family, that this omicron is no joke compared to delta. Very very infectious and hits very hard. This seems likely to spread like wildfire… we will know by Christmas how rough it is.
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

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    Can changing cache size increase you fps in Star Citizen?

    This works for me! XD Not noticeable in new cabbage, but as soon as you do those Hurston missions, man it feels smooth! Gives a preview of how the game can run at launch!
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