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    Carrack Killer Video Response

    Cris roberts sounds like a muppet
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    Can changing cache size increase you fps in Star Citizen?

    What's this about nvidia? How to increase the size of my junk?!? By how many inches???
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    So the odyssey is a plug in hybrid while the carrack has Apple play, heated seats, and superior towing?
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    MISC Odyssey looks to be better explorer than Carrack! Buying Org Odyssey!

    Do we still need an org if we buy the odyssey? It seems to be a solo ship that can do it all.
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    So what is the carrack for now??!?!!?
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    Argo RAFT first look!

    Esta feo
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    To RAFT or not RAFT?...

    It's cargo but something tells me I feel RAFT will be for a very specific job. Maybe not long space haul travel but perhaps it will have a role in lining up your crates for your Hull series ships. ARGO MPUV looks like a dedicated forklift. This is all conjecture so i dunno im just trying to...
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    Crypto discussion

    Meme culture is peaking. We put value on the Kardashians, elected a meme president, gamestop a failing business is I dunno.... lol People love memes and crypto seems like the next step. Everything that's going on has no logic and you can't base it on trends of the past
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    Crypto discussion

    Funny story. I convinced a friend to back Star Citizen. I told him it's the dogecoin of video games and it's going to be huuuuge one day. Oddly enough both dogecoin and star citizen started around the same time. Coincidence?
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    Crypto discussion

    I dont potentially see new coins being a problem if the currency were adopted. Probably because inflation is viewed as a negative and we are trying everything possible to control. Doge crypto I would argue pretty much flips the whole inflation argument upside down. More people are born...
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    Crypto discussion

    The issue with doge crypto is its infinite supply, yet in the US we turn on the money printer all the time in events deemed critical to stimulate the economy. Our politicians have first hand knowledge of this and they always inform their wealthy constituents. Queue the dump or sale of shares...
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    DOGE pays off for DiscoLando!

    Reccomends not to invest in dogecoin.... says the guild leader for a vaporware game. ;p
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