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    WTB a BUK

    Iirc according to the BUK Q&A there is no hoplite BUK. Only warden, harbinger and sentinel.
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    WTB a BUK

    I have a 6 months Harby BUK for sale. Previous owner was... @Blind Owl wonders why haha (private joke;) ). In my signature shop.
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    Ships and more ships. . .what's the biggest you remember?

    The Ragnarok titan I guess from Eve. Edit : mmm strange definition of air vehicles... Zalem and Cloud city? Wth :)
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    Hey there everyone!

    Welcome to the party FriendlyWolf ! 🍻
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    Redeemer sneak peek

    Was supposed to be a pocket drop ship too and now they removed the drop seats wondering how many marines you can still drop with the ship.
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    Redeemer sneak peek

    Ahh the Redeemer, another one on the flight ready wishlist, sounds better and better each time they speak about it.
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    The next Hype GIB GIB GIB ship/vehicle/whatever for you after 3.11.x?

    They mentionned some months ago a new armor after 3.11, so i'll bet for Titan armor too. Then i'd like Hercules (was planned for end of year before), and if possible the BMM and the Vulcan but i'm afraid those two will wait a long time still. Obviously Polaris too, but i bet Idris will come...
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    Really - food and water

    Right now this is just a waste of time, trying to find stuff to eat and drink, when it is in stock you are in luck already !!! and not to die when you forget to put your helmet back on after eating. That will be reworked for sure.
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    Carrack --- Another complaint - NuffNaff

    There are moar doors !!! Use a catapult to throw yourself and reach the top 2 doors, with enough luck you can score a hit and even crash on hangar if its open already. Or just try to jump as high as you can on the side to reach the ring collar door ;)
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    Combat Flight Training (CFT) September 26th 20:00 UTC

    Skipping that one, family weekend. Have fun!
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    Hi im chiivie

    More pvpers :) welcome to the party chiivie, check the weekly combat training on saturday if interested in fighting (event subforum CFT trainings) ! 🍻
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    Good day fellow Citizens!

    Welcome to the party Xera ! 🍻
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    Greetings fellow Citizens!

    Hello and welcome to the party Skarekrow ! 🍻
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    Hello world

    Welcome to the party Elemental ! 🍻
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    Ship Showdown - The Eliminator.

    That's great news !! That's my combo too sitting in hangar, was never interested in Eclipse, but i'm eyeing Valkyrie for a while now, tried it during the event and its a cool ship really, i think i'm going to melt the prowler for it heh.
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