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    I'm Here.

    Old Kirk 🍻 Welcome to the party Headlessnorseman !
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    Broken Numbers?

    It's a mistake, the 85x doesn't maneuver like that. It is actually not great in the side strafes. I use that ship a lot for Hardflying (in my top 3) and strafing is important.
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    Liberator Attack Wing

    I'm flying the 85x every week. For hardflight essentially alongside the arrow and the raven, but not for PvP. Unfortunately, this is no PvP ship, its turn rate and side strafe is poor and you will loose any turn battle. But it is an okay ship for zoom and boom, still a bit useless as it has...
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    Jump Town PvP Battle Royale and the frenchies

    Posted this in off-topic as not TEST related ;) Terada made 3 videos out of an awesome PvP event we had at Jump Town 2 weeks ago with the french SC streaming community. There were 4 teams of 10 players each (each team lead by a famous french SC streamer) competing vs each other to take...
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    Yes, Elmy is applying Norwegian VAT now since one or 2 years, that's why I purchased from atpbx, after finding thanks to the search engine here that he mentionned he had one for sale. BTW you should start a WTB thread, or your request will soon get lost in this topic, as I dont update it often ;)
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    Interesting Kickstarter

    I've been playing for the last 3 years the first game already (SpaceBourne ), its a one man made game. He is now seeking funds to hire some more help to make the game more polished (first goal is to add more ships). Its mostly funds for cosmetics. The base mechanics is already there thanks to...
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    Elmy has some for sale on his shop here yes. faster to contact him through discord
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    WTB stuff - and my LTI wishlist for this year and after

    Bought one Consolidated Outland Pioneer LTI standalone from @atpbx , thank you ! 🍻:love:
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    Hardflight Crash'A'Lot - Every Saturday and Sunday

    @Bonsai and @Cerato will take over Hard Flying event organisation starting next week-end till end of February as I'm out of town for a month. Event will be planned as usual, check Discord / Guilded event calendar.
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    Hey all!

    Welcome to the party zeusticles ! 🍻
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    Coming from unsuccessful orgs

    Welcome to the party iLSeperatio ! 🍻 It was nice to have you at JT yesterday !
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    Regarding concierge support

    Yep concierge
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    Which is a good couple of ships to start with.

    @Solaric , best advice here :) Feel free to ask fellow TESTies to borrow a cuttie black or a freelancer to try them out !
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    Regarding concierge support

    Seems we now have the 2 buyback tokens ! 🍻
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    New Pilot reporting for Duty

    Welcome to the party Solaric ! 🍻
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