My fleet is my pride and joy. Also my shame.

RSI Aurora MR - I don't remember buying this
MISC Freelancer DUR - Walkabout
RSI Aurora LX - Pocket Party
RSI Constellation Phoenix - Capitalist Swine

Standalone ships:
Anvil Hurricane - Dakkalator
Drake Buccaneer - Biltong Meat Facsimile
MISC Prospector - Git Rokt
Drake Caterpillar - Bad Impulse Control
Kruger P-72 Archimedes - Placeholder 1
MISC Freelancer MIS - Last Call
Banu Merchantman - Disembodied Screaming of Wallets
Kruger P-72 Archimedes - Placeholder 2
Aegis Crucible - Clarkson's Hammer
Origin 350r - Intermittent Oversteer
MISC Starfarer Gemini - Beer Spirit Toll
MISC Freelancer MAX - Trucker Hat
RSI Aurora LN - TEST Aurora 934
Consolidated Outland Mustang β - The Bang 'Stang
MISC Endeavor (Hope-class) - Montoya's Anatomy
MISC Reliant Sen - Bring Me The Heart Of Steve Irwin
MISC Hull B - Tastes of Lutefisk
Aegis Vanguard Warden - Troublemaker
Anvil Carrack - Eagleheart
Drake Herald - TEST Party Van
Aegis Reclaimer - Afterparty
Origin M50 - My Ex's Mood
Aegis Sabre - Sting
Aegis Retaliator - Poor Life Choices

Tumbril Cyclone
Nox Kue

Potential Buybacks:
MISC Freelancer MIS - Anniversary
Banu Merchantman - Anniversary
Origin 350r - Racer Package - Anniversary
RSI Aurora LN
Consolidated Outland Mustang β
Consolidated Outland Mustang ∆
MISC Freelancer MAX
Anvil Gladiator
Kruger P-52 Merlin
MISC Reliant Kore x3
Aegis Retaliator - Anniversary
Aegis Dynamics Avenger - LTI
Aegis Gladius
Aegis Redeemer - LTI
MISC Freelancer - LTI
Aurora LX Upgrade
Jun 11, 1986 (Age: 35)
North Carolina
Personal Hangar
RSI Aurora, RSI Constellation, MISC Reliant, MISC Freelancer, MISC Hull B, MISC Starfarer, MISC Endeavor, Consolidated Mustang, Aegis Sabre, Aegis Vanguard, Aegis Retaliator, Aegis Reclaimer, Anvil Carrack, Banu Merchantman, Drake Herald, Drake Caterpillar, Origin 300 Series, Origin M50
Timezone Avalibility
U.S. Eastern, U.S. Western
RSI Handle
Steam Username
Reddit Username
Captain of Internet Spaceships


When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's worrisome. Moons don't normally have physical makeup similar to a pizza pie, and any extra-planetary satellite impacting your eye is likely to cause grievous bodily harm.


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    Sixth anniversary with TEST Squadron.

    I don't know what to say here...But huge congrats!!
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    Fifth anniversary in TEST Squadron!

    Holy crap, did you develop Stockholm Syndrome or something?
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    Fourth Anniversary in TEST Squadron

    Holy crap! Four years!! FOUR YEARS! fOUr yEaRs!!!
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    Third Anniversary in TEST Squadron

    I don't know what you did to deserve getting stuck in TEST but I pray for your soul's deliverance =P Thank you for being an amazing addition to our gaming community <3
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    No WAY!

    Somehow you received 5,000 likes. Are you sure you didn't register a bunch of robot users to like everything you post?
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    Second Anniversary

    Wow...you managed to stick with us for 2 years. What....what is wrong with you people?
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    Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

    Somehow you have gained 2,000 likes. Good grief!
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    Steamed Up

    You integrated Steam with your account!
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    The Crowd Goes Wild!

    This trophy is awarded when your content has been liked 1,000 times. 1,000 - wow!
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    First Anniversary

    You've been registered here for a year, congratulations!
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    Every Bit Counts!

    Thanks for the support kind sir/madam! You have become part of history!
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    Birthday Boy

    The forum hamsters would like wish you a very happy birthday.
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    The 500 Milestone

    You've posted 500 messages here. You must like it, or something!
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    Dozens I swear Dozens of Likes!

    You received at least 24 likes! (Too bad they aren't Auroras)
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    Someone Likes Me!

    Well not really, but looks like someone actually liked what you said!
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    Daily Vitamins

    Nine out of ten doctors recommend a daily dosage of TEST forums is the best answer to boredom. Log on to TEST forums for every day of the week.
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    You started your first discussion! Wait.... Oh lords not more spam....NOT MORE SPAM
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    Comms Initiated

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    Meat for the Grinder

    You have signed up for the TEST Squadron!
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