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    Storing your stuff post 3.15? (30k recovery, new inventory system, etc)

    The guys already clarified this -- you don't have to do that, as your stuff would be always available at your home location. Besides, if you move all your stuff to any spacecraft, you would loose it in case you have to claim that ship. You may ask why you need to claim your ship even when...
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    I'm seeing a shitstorm blowing over Spectrum way...

    I hope CIG will remove overdosing after reading all those reddit and spectrum posts. The game is not ready for this dangerous feature yet. It could be implemented again once armistice zones are gone -- they are temporary after all...
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    Hard Flying "Communities" - Sunday October 3

    :o7: ; )
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    Hercules A2 Bomber - Bombing Quick Tips

    Use radar to lock on target, if possible; this would help you to find it when designating point of impact from high altitude and/or long distance. Toggle missile operator mode (middle mouse button /scroll button/ by default). Select designated point of impact by placing the blue circle on...
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    Zapp Brannigan is no more....

    Oh c'mon... I love Zapp Brannigan!
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    What's up Doc?

    That's exactly what we do most of the time. Welcome! 🍻
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    The Origin 400i

    1250 m/s in space -- very fast. Acceleration isn't impressive though -- that's probably why it needs those rear-facing turrets ; )
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    The Origin 400i

    Pretty pretty! ---- The ship needs some tweaking though; it's too slow in atmosphere. Roll and max speeds are lower than most of other flyable ships, even larger ones. :o7:
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    Crypto discussion

    Look at this rise...
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    Where were you on 9/11?

    I was at the office when somebody from another department came and told us that apparently some plane crashed into one of the skyscrapers in New York. We have called our Manhattan office and after many unsuccessful attempts the phone has been picked-up; locals told us that they are not sure what...
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    Ship showdown predictions?

    ; )
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    Test Squadron Rally Team - Calling All Racers

    First official Daymar Rally Practice Date & Time: Saturday, Sep 4 (Saturday), 20:00 – 00:00 UTC Shubin Mining Facility to Eager Flats (first checkpoint) practice. You must register through Guilded to be included in the practice event. Registration and details at --
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    Crypto discussion

    ... 👀
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    Four unannounced ships coming

    I wonder how this is going to be implemented -- the only solution which is coming to my mind is to use SC dynamic weather mechanics and create a small local hurricane blowing strong wind in all direction from the center of the impact, simulating blast wave, with some VFX added. Once fire is...
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