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    Remove plox

    Hey admin - the contact us page links back to the privacy page with no way to contact via email etc. Delete forum data for this account thanks
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    I'm out of patience

    same its honestly beautiful the level of patience and dedication here Then the ferengi side of me is like "THE SAVINGS 2000 bars of cold pressed latinum!"
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    Testing Please Ignore

    If its only a test, When its only a test a test? If you tested and are testing is that really tested? What are the conditions for being tested? Will we test the ignorance? or the Ignoree? Testing shall resume at 0500
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    Testing Please Ignore

    But if i ignore ignoring harder then i have been won't it win? We can't let the ignorant ignoramus ignore the inevitable. It must be defeated, brethren i propose nothing, We shall action nothing your responses shall drive our foe beyond the grip of all and into the clasp of irrelevancy
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    FAQ about ships, upgrades and insurance for IAE/ILW and general fleet planning

    This has changed recently - gifted my mate a Explorer pack Carrack and it just transferred didn't need to contact support Lotsof this is still quite valid and thanks for the good write up -look forward to the re-write
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    WTS Retaliator Base with front cargo and rear living LTI (Edit: SOLD)

    Having a 6 and 7 Year old - that day comes sooner then you'd think.. mine are already off playing minecraft and telling me i'm doing it wrong.. Crazy how fast life passes us by.
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    Greetings and salutations fellow earthlings!

    With or without mustard? Welcome Gunny - don't suppose you mind hopping in an oversized turret every now and then?
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    feels like a basic attempt at reverse psychology but okay. you've earned yourself alike
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    Farming likes like claiming my Aurora

    :D :D :D My people I've found them
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    Farming likes like claiming my Aurora

    Ty Naff naff, most of them will undoubtedly be garbage but if i'm not drinking and on a forum i don't know what else i'm doing with my life.
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    WTS Retaliator Base with front cargo and rear living LTI (Edit: SOLD)

    thats... tasty.. I'd love to grab it
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    Tired of always remapping joysticks in SC!

    This 100% this i started with Hosas t16000s and grabbed someones preconfiged file - have been using it with minor adjustment since yes its abit of a pain but atleast its not encrypted and trash with every patch.. they could've done that. glad they didn't
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    Farming likes like claiming my Aurora

    Hi Auora Gang! here to farm likes and have shenanigans in the alpha and beta - beta then eva o7 Fly safe and i'll see you in the verse!
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