1. wmk

    Guilded Multi-Tier Voice Chat Tutorial

    Attached below, v1.0
  2. Devil Dog Hog

    IM BREAKING OUT! Who's coming with me?

    I cant take it anymore! every day its break big rocks into little rocks. To make matters worse, the beer tastes like water in here. In fact, I'm pretty sure it IS water! Well I've had enough, I'm bustin out of this two bit, three ring circus and I'm taking any prisoners (pun intended). I swear...
  3. DirectorGunner

    How to use Star Citizen new Guide system as a Guide

    So CIG added a new system so that veteran backers can help out new backers as guides. And while it is a brilliant and much-needed system, it has proven confusing to many on how to actually use the system. Well, this quick little how-to tutorial FOR GUIDES will show you how you can respond to...
  4. mr-hasgaha

    Made a video with tips & explanations on increasing the image quality of your in-game screenshots

    Tips & explanations on increasing the image quality of your in-game screenshots; which is everything from the resolution of the capture, to the file format and compression, and even where you upload it to. I do all my in-game photography at the highest resolution possible, capture in lossless...
  5. Reyalp CB4

    Hearthstone Players

    If anyone has been playing Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne ad had trouble beating Lord Marrowgar I found a fairly simple way to do it.
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