Customizing Corsair RGB devices for Star Citizen


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Feb 19, 2018
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I'm sure a lot of people have done this, but I'm posting this in case somebody haven't ; )

Although iCue lighting effects and macros are rather basic, they can be used to customize Corsair RGB devices for any game. I've configured selected keys and buttons assigned to the actions which cannot be observed from the ship cockpit, or those which are hard to notice without switching to 3rd person view, like VTOL mode on Reclaimer, a ship with limited number of MFDs.

I've created few very useful keyboard macros like Strafe-Up Cruise Control and AFK Prevention, and configured buttons assigned to them to blink when macros are playing.

Similar custom lighting effects are used for the keys assigned to OBS and Nvidia ShadowPlay -- this is a must-have for anyone using OBS without multiple displays and/or stream deck. OBS and ShadowPlay keys are flashing when I'm streaming or recording gameplay.


1. Strafe-up Cruise Control. I fly Reclaimer which doesn't perform well in atmosphere. The fastest way to leave the surface and fly to the orbit is to strafe up in VTOL mode. Instead of holding a strafe-up key or a button for 5 minutes, I use a macro assigned to one of the media control buttons. Once the button is pressed, macro starts repeating "Ctrl" key, assigned to "strafe up" in game, and the dimmed red button light begins blinking blue, slowly.

2. AFK Prevention. In some cases I need to leave the game for more than 15 minutes, which is a default Star Citizen inactivity timer. In order to continuously reset the timer while I'm AFK, I have a macro repeatedly sending "W" and "S" keys, resulting in my avatar making short steps forward and backward in 1 minute intervals -- See Pictures 1 and 2. Assigned to another media control button; once pressed, dimmed red light begins blinking bright green.

3. Auto-walk or run. Self-explanatory, allows me to walk or run in game while drinking a beer and eating tacos at the same time. Assigned to another media control button, once pressed, the dimmed red button begins blinking bright blue, faster than the Strafe-Up Cruise Control button.

Lighting Effects

1. Video Recording or Streaming. One of the media control buttons assigned to Nvidia ShadowPlay, and "F9" function key assigned to OBS. In both cases, once pressed, dimmed red keys begin flashing bright red.

2. Strafe-Up Cruise Control, Auto-Walk and AFK Prevention. Similar to above effects. Assigned to selected media control buttons, once pressed, the dimmed blue lights start blinking bright blue for the auto walk and auto strafe up, and green for the AFK prevention macro. See Picture 3 below.

3. VTOL and ESP. Assigned to "F10" and "F8" function keys with the light set to off by default. Once pressed, the key lights turn green. Pressing the keys again makes them dark.

4. GPU Temperature. That's a cool one, however not necessarily useful ; ) Assigned to the Corsair logo on top of the keyboard; when the GPU temperature is lower than 40 °C, the light is off; when the temperature exceeds 40 °C, the light switches to dark red and starts increasing, up to bright red once reached 60 °C.

5. Type Lighting. My keyboard has mechanical low profile keys. They are very cool and super quiet -- in some cases, i.e. in the middle of dogfight, I want to be sure I hit the key which can save my virtual life. That's why I've created an extra lighting effect assigned to selected keys like "F5", "F6" and "F7" controlling my power triangle -- I don't always have a power display up, while I need to be sure I've sent 100% power to the shields under heavy fire. Once pressed, each of the selected keys lighten up for 1 second, then fade out nicely to the default, dimmed light. See picture 4 below.


I don't like bloatware, so I'm not using iCue all the time -- I have K70 RGB Mk.2 Low Profile keyboard with onboard memory allowing me to store 3 profiles; the only problem is that the hardware profiles are limited to 5 lighting effects and limited key macros. That's why I use iCue with above configuration with Star Citizen.

Since there is no synchronization between the game and iCue -- CIG doesn't provide any API and... iCue doesn't support APIs -- some keys like VTOL might be left desynchronized, for example when the ship is destroyed and it needs to be claimed during the same game session. There is no other solution than hit the key again to "reset" the key light, i.e. switch the VTOL key light off before taking a pilot seat.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


Picture 4
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