Did you know...? Transporting Cyclone in Reclaimer Salvage Processing Room


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Feb 19, 2018
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Now that Reclaimer cargo elevator is fixed, we can travel with our lil buggy friend again.

I used to be parking Cyclone(s) in the cargo hold, but the salvage processing deck is a much better place -- it's not only wider, allowing us to park multiple vehicles, but it's large enough to transport few buggies and store a lot of reclaimed material /RMC/ at the same time.

We have a partially-working salvage lift now. Theoretically, it could be used for dropping vehicles, but it doesn't have any control panel on a side -- there is only action handle in the middle of the platform; once the vehicle is placed on it, there is no way to send the lift down (third pic below).

For some reason, MT ground combat variant cannot pass the salvage processing deck gate; it can be still loaded into cargo hold, despite being taller than all other Cyclone variants <shrug> (the last pic below)

StarCitizen 2023-06-05 20-42-14.png

StarCitizen 2023-06-05 20-43-16.png

StarCitizen 2023-06-05 20-40-35.png

StarCitizen 2023-06-05 20-50-13.png
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