EVE Online acquired by Pearl Abyss (Black Desert Online)


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Feb 22, 2016
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from the article:
"EVE Online studio CCP Games has been acquired by Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer of the fantasy MMO Black Desert Online. Pearl Abyss said that CCP will continue to operate its existing studios in Reykjavik, London, and Shanghai independently while its "extensive development and publishing expertise" will be integrated into current and future Pearl Abyss projects."

Well, this was kinda unexpected to me. While I haven't touched EVE Online in years, I still follow it through facebook and google news articles, and it seemed that they were doing just fine on their own! I seen that they had some huge battles lately, and executed cheaters, and had lots of fun stuff. Some sorta new big update as well. So what gives?
Is EVE on the way out? Did they become too large for their own good, while only having a relatively small dedicated (=paying) player base, so they let the acquisition happen? Or is this something entirely different?


Here's an interview with Pearl Abyss on why they bought it.
TLDR.: they have the money to buy strong Western market IPs to expand and strengthen their position, so they do that. Simple. No word on why CCP sold out to them though.
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Oct 31, 2013
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Obviously they sold out now because they know when Star Citizen is complete they will lose all their players.
They will not lose their existing base, but there is a risk of far less people joining up in the future given the option of either Star Citizen or Eve.

I know the reason I got into Eve was because I wanted a space opera. I wanted sci-fi with laser beams and space ships. There was nowhere else to go.

Star Citizen may never have the depth of Eve, but it does scratch that itch a lot better!


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Jan 1, 2014
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Pearl abbys have gradually turned BDO more and more pay to win.
i think in the near future the game will become better because they will want to revitalize the game but then they will crank the micro transaction to the max shortly after.


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Jan 16, 2016
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I doubt that most dedicated Eve players will have any interest in Star Citizen.

1) You can't AFK play Star Citizen.
2) You can't hide invulnerable in your station and wait for the enemy to go away in Star Citizen.
3) Star Citizen requires actual skill.
4) There are real consequences to being a scammer in Star Citizen, your other non-scammer alt accounts will be flagged and you will pay the price of being bad. (Which doesn't mean it's bad to be bad, but it does mean you can't have it both ways like 90% of Eve players do).

That being said, a few Eve players will enjoy Star Citizen, and vice versa.

RE CCP's decision to sell... It seems they've had no success expanding their company to products beyond Eve. Everything they've tried outside of Eve has been a failure and they have wasted many millions of dollars and many years of effort trying to grow their company. Now they've basically given up (likely their investors forced them to) and sold it to someone else who actually IS growing their company by adding Eve to its portfolio. I imagine it will be a good thing long term.
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