My second real video... please gib feedback!


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Apr 25, 2019
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Nice to see a new video on your channel!
First a general consideration on the general channel management...
I saw a couple of video of jus few minutes on the new cutlass skin... I haven't whatch them but personally I feel that those king of video posted one right after the other are a bit meh, especially since every video appear to be only on a skin.
More video on the channel is a nice presentation, but I feel for those kind of argument a single video with all the skin will be better an feel more "professional": a 2min video on just a skin fell like something released just to put a video out, not a great impression at least for me.

Now on the proper video.
It feels a bit empty on the content IMHO.
While the previus video on the Odissey present several aspect of thie ship that are really and legitime dobut and consideration to take into accout, for this video it feel you just stick togheter some rant taken directly from Spectum and rush a video out.
I don't think consideration are wrong, just very superficial and the whole video lack the dept and consideration of the first one.
Just for example, you haven't consider the presence of the New inventory system that for ce a player to actuually decide what equipment bring alonge before a mission: this aspect make that, outside specific event line JT2.0 where player expect heavy ships resistence, not always player will carry on reailgun or missile laucher for dealing with enemy dropship.
If consider the Cutty Steel to be used in situation like JT2.0 then all the consideration are correct, but in hight asimettrical situation where the op-for doesn't have those heavy weapons available thing change and a ship like the Steel could be a valuable alternative on the more resiliant Valkirye.
The "problem", in my opinion, is not the fragility of the ship, or the lack of protection for the gunners, but the lack of game situation where those caracteristics of the ship are not a so great disadvantege compared ot other dropship.

Overall while the first video was a good one, I think this one is just "Ok", without a real added value of a player consideration.


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Sep 28, 2017
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Similar to @Cugino83, I see the video as 'ok' for similar reasons.

Drake ships are ALWAYS polarizing, with the majority being negative, the greater minority being Super Drake fans being positive about it, and the lesser minority taking as balanced a take on it as possible. The Drake Steel has been no different, with there already being a ton of negative videos about it, a few positive videos about it from true Drake Super fans, and I've seen ONE balanced take on it from Glorious Leader @Montoya.

Due to this, I think you're basically wading into a 'saturated market' by taking the route of a negative review of it without adding anything new to the conversation about what's wrong with it, and would've been better served by either reviewing something else (like the gravlev rework) or tried to take a more balanced approach to reviewing the Steel.


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Oct 30, 2015
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I don't watch many videos other than CIG's & Montoya'S...however as it is Christmas morning...

My #1 comment -> I enjoyed the video
Editted well, pleasant narration, good review and comments.

--> Lots of excellent comments above (they watch more videos than I do hehehehe)
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