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Хороброму українському народові бажаю сили та акуратності
Fourth Anniversary in TEST Squadron
Holy crap! Four years! FOUR YEARS! fOUr yEaRs!

Meeting you at Citcon was seriously one of the best experiences I've had gaming.. let's have a lot more of that!
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I'm a Test Certified Medic.

My Certificate? Don't worry about it, we just use Maccas coupons as proof.
TIL Maccas is Aussie for "Mickey D's". I knew I had heard it before but didn't figure out what it actually was. Huh. Well, now I know 8)
Vahl K. Rii
Vahl K. Rii
Hahaha. I completely forgot it was an Australian slang word.

Glad I provided some wisdom on Australian culture. xD
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