1. Zapper Weisman

    WTB Caterpillar (got it, thanks!) and an LTI Archimedes

    I am looking to add a Caterpillar to my fleet. I would love an original concept but a CCU will do just fine. I would prefer an Andromeda to Caterpillar CCU, if possible. I am also looking to get an LTI Archimedes if available. Thanks!
  2. SullyQuindarius

    Anyone got a Pirate Caterpillar CCU?

    So I've been thinking about getting a Caterpillar. It's been off and on for a long time. I'm finally almost convinced. So does anyone have a cheap CCU to the Caterpillar Pirate Edition? I'm broke ATM, so I wouldn't be able to buy it yet, I'm just trying to see if anyone actually has a giftable one.
  3. AntiSqueaker

    WTB Caterpillar Pirate edition CCU

    Hey all. I was out of town for the holidays the weekish the contest or whatever you want to call it for the Pirate Caterpillar skin was up for last year. I would be interested in picking up a CCU to it, from basically any ship (although a Caterpillar -> Pirate Edition would be awesome), if...
  4. DrunkenTeddy

    Some Discounted Ships for my TEST BESTIES... TESTIES...

    I am temporarily out of stock of RSI credits, so as of now my sales are on hold. The price of RSI increased due to gamescom hype, if it drops back to a reasonable price I will resume these sales, if it doesn't I'll have to increase my prices. Thanks again for everyone's support! I can still...
  5. Joegasaki Kenji

    Hmmmm...... Caterpillar or Merchantman?

    So! With the new Catapillar and dragonfly combo i'm thinking of splurging and buying a package. I currently own a Carrack and want your opinion... Should i keep the Caterpillar after buying or upgrade it to a Merchantman after buying. I want to do some trading but when the sh*t hits the fan Í...
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