1. DirectorGunner


    So, I just realized after researching quickly to make the following post That I infact am missing two tali modules... the front and rear cargo ones. Looking to buy them from a fellow TESTie please which may have extras...
  2. AccidentProne8

    Bombing Meta in the Eclipse Q/A

    The Retaliator is the dedicated long range bomber, able to carry the most ordnance, the most men and the most weaponry to defend itself via its turrets. It can sustain itself and its crew much deeper in the verse and is ideal for striking targets a long way away. This is a good opportunity to...
  3. GriffinGamingRPG

    [WTB] Aegis Retailator Modules

    Greetings Citizens! Is anyone interested in selling any of the following? - Living Space (Front and Rear) - Cargo (Front and Rear) - Dropship (Front Only) Feel free to contact me. Thanks!
  4. DrunkenTeddy

    [WTS] DrunkenTeddy's Store - LTI Ships and Upgrades Galore!

    Making a new post, prices changed for the better, so I thought it made sense to start this one over. Link to new thread:
  5. Horizonz

    ATTENTION Test Squadron! I NEED YOUR HELP! ( Star Citizen )

    Hey guys! Read this and help a team mate out! So, as many of you know the Retaliator has been flyable since Patch 2.0...
  6. marcsand2

    [CLOSED] WTB LTI Retaliator modules

    I have a Vanguard Warden with Sentinel BUK and a Retaliator Base with Front Living and Rear Cargo module. I'm still looking for: - Harbinger BUK LTI - Retaliator Rear Living module LTI - Retaliator Front Cargo module LTI If anyone still has one of above and doesn't need it, please PM me or reply...
  7. Nekovala

    LTI Tali & 2 LowPacks to sell

    Greetings guys, it's been a while since i've even opened SC so I feel like giving up on my Aegis ship collection so I could get a new phone soon. I'll keep a few ships but I dont need a lot neither. So I'd like to sell these few ships to anyone part of the Test group. Selling this baby LTI...
  8. Mr. Irish

    Coni A or Retaliator?

    What do you guys think? Should I keep my LTI Constellation Andromeda or upgrade it to a Retaliator?
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