Hello world


Feb 6, 2021
RSI Handle
Where you from stranger?
Ireland but moved to Canada

What drew you to Star Citizen?
I hear the call of every space game, the greater the passion of the dev's the harder it is to resist the call.

What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)
The chance to be amazed at strange new worlds, and try out as many aspects of the game I can.

What was the first game you remember playing?
Space Invaders but best memories are from Wing Commander, Mech Warrior and Total War

What other games do you play?
Total War, Vermintide, Arma

How did you first hear about Test Squadron and what convinced you to join?

YouTube videos, what can I say Montoya is a charismatic guy. Also in the past I've always joined small orgs in my days of EVE, thought I would try going for the biggest (best) for a change.

Picard or Kirk?
Would have always gone with Picard, till he soiled himself with the latest Star Trek Picard, old Kirk gets my vote.
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