Just came out of cryosleep


Space Marshal
Jun 13, 2016
RSI Handle
So I've been hibernating on Star Citizen for years. I remember pledging and joining TEST around 2015 even and lurking from time to time. I never had a good enough computer to run the game properly until recently and man, am I having a blast in the game. Up recently I have been playing Elite Dangerous but I think I won't be going back to be honest. It just feels so empty compared to SC. All in all, old backer but new citizen! And with the chance to play regularly, I'm eager to participate more often.

I love other sim-like games such as MSFS2020, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Arma 3...

Now, I'm just wondering.... How can I get my old account name to coincide with my RSI Handle? 😅
Anyways, greetings to all and catch you in the 'verse!

PS: Currently flying an Origin 325 upgraded from the Aurora MR. It's classy and a killer! :like:


Space Marshal
Apr 8, 2016
RSI Handle
I think a 300 series is not a bad starter as the S4 weapon and 2 x S3 is a good loadout.

Whaddya mean your flying S3 and 2 x S2 gimbals?!!?!?!? Goddarn it hop into the pilots seat in my Vanguard and I'll show you why "fixed" "tixed" all the hit boxes.
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