The Ultimate Poll


  • Yes

    Votes: 77 59.7%
  • No

    Votes: 52 40.3%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 81 62.8%

  • Total voters
Jan 5, 2016
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When a poll is made, invariably there is a forum member unable to vote in it as their opinion is not represented.

Fear not brave souls, for you now have this: The Forums Ultimate Poll! When someone cannot vote in your threads poll, link this and all shall be well!

And what could be better than the three options above? That's right! Multiple choice! No not doing it for you? Then choose No and Yes! No and yes not covering it for you? Then Maybe is the one for you! You want all the answers? Then choose all the answers! And you can change your choice later! It really is the Ultimate Poll!

I have left the subject untitled so you can use it whenever you want for whatever you want, either for use when there is no option for you in another poll, or just for everyday life when you really need to give and gauge opinion on something like "Should I eat this thing I found at the back of the fridge?"

Get voting!
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Jan 5, 2016
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But what if I want:
Maybe so

Denied again.
So your question is "Can I vote Yes, No, Maybe so?" The answer is Yes, Yes, No. So vote Yes and No. It is the forums, if not the worlds ultimate poll.

not enough quack options.

and missing a blank vote option.
Ah, voting on two questions at once, eh? A bold strategy! As the answer to "Are there enough Quack options?" and "Is there a Blank option?" are both "No" I think you know where your vote/s should be going.

'I have no idea what I'm doing' is always a valid option for a TEST poll
Quite true, however that is a statement of fact rather than a question and as such is not 100% comptible with the Ultimate Poll Interface (UPI). To make it compute, simply rephrase the statement of fact in to a question: "Have I any idea what i'm doing?"

The answer to this is of course "No" HOWEVER in knowing that you don't know what your doing, you in fact know that what you are doing is the act of not knowing what you are doing... So, yes, as well as "no" you can also vote "yes". Unless you are in anyway unsure, at which point you can also vote "Maybe".

Do not doubt the Ultimate Poll, its currently at 216.6% answered. Any poll that can give you 116.6% more answer than any other poll can only be The True Ultimate Poll.


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May 20, 2014
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...Quite true, however that is a statement of fact rather than a question...
you misunderstand me (or maybe you have no idea...)

I meant a valid choice for an answer, as in
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] 42
[ ] I have no idea what I am doing