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    EvE Online servers

    Yep. In the early years CCP was aggressive in acquiring and developing technology to optimize the network connections. It made a huge difference in the experience. The client code is old, it will about run on a potato. But it isn't what causes the server crashes. What the piece goes fluffy...
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    Advice for new dad

    Welcome to a brand new adventure!! There is not much I would add beyond the excellent advice provided by the other dads here. What's important changes now.. and they need you. Gaming in general was a joy (among MANY) that I was privileged to share with my kids as they grew up. From getting...
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    EvE Online servers

    Been a few years since I dedicated any time to EvE.. but this fluffy piece from Polygon is a great reminder that online gaming brings its own unique issues, and long established games still have problems...
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    Ubisoft is making an open world Star Wars game

    Quoting for Truth.. seriously needs to be at least co-op if not full mmo. Ubisoft has made some fumbles recently, but they have experience with this. Ghost Recon Wildlands is *still* a timesink for me. Not because it's a spectacular game, but because of the ease in which it provides...
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    Joystick advice...

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    Idris needs some serious balancing

    No worries.. just felt it might be a worthwhile thing to point out. Took a good look at your video.. nicely done! I'm going to go a short way out on the limb and suggest that the shields on that particular NPC are not full military, or at least are undervalue. It would keep with CIG's...
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    Idris needs some serious balancing

    Are you aware that there are a number of TEST members who are Evocati? And that your Glorious Leader was one for years, until he gave it all up to seek greater fame and fortune?
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    This Christmas..pick up that phone.

    Try running the crisis in serial mode, rather than as parallel jobs.. it stretches the stress out but the peaks are easier to deal with... My heroin-addicted sister started chemo this week for inoperable breast cancer. Her main source of support was dad, who died last year of a heart attack...
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    Ive been in a 4 day complete Cyberpunk media black out! WTF is going on :D

    Maybe not - Bloomberg doesn't know gaming, but they are nose deep in business...
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    Building new PC - possible to use 2 different cards with SC, 1660 and 2070?

    This IS the annoying part ! I've got all the parts to rebuild a mini-itx machine except the processor.
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    400i Design Inspiration?

    No need to wonder. They've stated in the past that their research includes study of existing ship designs both for aesthetic purposes, and for how to make the insides function correctly for players. I had the great privilege of two lengthy discussions with Sarah M. at CitizenCon last year. She...
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    400i Coming Soon™

    There's yet another whole thing about leaked items from the Evo patch. It's just as likely to be trolling as the CNOU Black Widow was. This image is fan created.. and imo misses the mark on the design language.
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    5 freaking years? Already?!?

    Compliments always accepted if not believed ;) Mostly I just want Poutine.. not available here.
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    5 freaking years? Already?!?

    Fixed it for ya..
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    5 freaking years? Already?!?

    5?? Are you that stubborn..? (Poutine for the win!)
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