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    ''Aegis Redeemer 2095'', which loaner ship is given?.

    I have to say that list is interesting. Not sure why ships that are flight ready are generating loaners. Like the Dragonfly has an Aurora MR loaner or the Retaliator gets a Gladiator loaner.
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

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    Combat Flight Training (CFT) Novenber 28th 21:00 UTC

    Does it teach how to crash with style?
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    CIG and Turbulent opens Canadian studio

    Still concerned. CIG has failed twice before with outsourcing parts of their game, and its not like Turbulent has been very successful with creating a simple forum and website that doesn't crash often. As much as CIG might own a percent stake in Turbulent, CIG is not the only customer of...
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    Star Citizen Expo day 5: MISC

    It was neat seeing the Holo Hulls. I have to wonder if the A, B and C are done.
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    Do we start theorycrafting about the idris now?

    No but you can get blown up by it.
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    Mercury Cult - Now on Live! Go Fly!

    I've never seen it as a Luxury touring ship as it feels more like a private business jet. So more this. Then this For me the 600 touring would be the introduction luxury ship with the 890 jump being the pinnacle and i feel the 890 jump is successful in that while the 600 really needs a...
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    Full Aegis packs in concierge

    I'd ask you to hook me up, but then realized i'd spend 10's of thousands paying for shipping and importing fee's.
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I think this gets to the heart of the issue and one that thousands of years of civilization has not solved. How do you protect people from themselves without overly restricting their actions. It gets even worse when you factor in our own flawed ideas on what is the best way to do things. As...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    I am all for doing things. I am also all for communities making choices for themselves, even if those choices from the outside seem to be poorly made. I am also all for some doing nothing so we can use them as a metric to see if what was done had any impact. Still its going to be hard to...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    The map was per million by state. So those states that do not have a million the sick get factored up.
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    Horrible Hercules Starlifter tease in todays video!

    So beautiful. So very beautiful Hercules
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Nevada is high and we have been mandatory masks since July as well as limited social events. In fact starting this week we are going into a limited lock down for 3 weeks. So I would recommend against confirmation bias, it could simply be that they are colder states with winter coming sooner...
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    Mercury Cult - Now on Live! Go Fly!

    Poor Andromada its been interesting, of course I will still keep the Phoenix, but the Mercury is just that much better.
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    Leaked images of Perseus. Looks like a cap ship killer!

    It is. All we know is that the Polaris went back to concept as they said it was easier to flush out the ship in concept with the new process/metrics then attempting to modify the ship in gray box.
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