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    Intelligence Gathering for Piracy/Bounty

    Im not sure if that is to be taken as an insinuation that I am one of those folks or what. As a wise man once said, "play it where it lays"
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    Intelligence Gathering for Piracy/Bounty

    Fair point. I appreciate it! :) feel free to delete the entire thread as it serves little purpose or benefit now. Thanks Montoya!
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    Intelligence Gathering for Piracy/Bounty

    Do you have any resources for obtaining intelligence on players, organizations, etc? (outside of using I am creating my own list of intel on players that have crossed me, blown me up for no reason etc. This is all part of the game and...
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    Well, Subway is open so I got myself some cookies
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    LOL rip barbecue . . .
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    Trade Sheets for 3.8.2

    If anyone can think of ways to better it, I am all ears. I have several more sheets for various purposes, Ive been considering put them all in a thread, once they are finished. :)
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    Crime & Merit - Loose Access to a Personal Mission?

    I have been running some missions in combo with trade since 3.8.2 with no problem. Last night I killed a few locals due to boredom. I cleared my crime stat and went to bed. I wake and log in, attempt to make some money and I notice I lost my access to the usual missions. I ask around and I get...
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    Ramming 101

    When I get bored . . . its always fun and funny!
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    The TEST Squadron Mining Guide - V3.8

    I agree, really in depth and has more than I could think of. Way to go Sunder! :)
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    Coronavirus COVID-19 Thread

    You CAN use a washcloth dedicated for your ass ya know . . . use it and rinse it out, and hang it up to dry when finished. Once a week when you do your towels and other laundry, just throw it in with a load of bleach and you be good, no need to use paper to wipe your ass. Good thing is, you save...
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    March 20th COVID-19 update

    I just want to share because this should be common knowledge and I am not sure it is. I feel most people may struggle putting everything together, seeing things as ultimately connected. This...
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    TRAVEL ADVISORY: Avoid Tram & Myers; Cargo Hotspot

    The data is from but I organized most of it here, you can copy paste from either buy or sell into the calculator on the right which will calculate times and costs and profits. The inventory and refresh data works as well. But you have to manually enter the location data into the...
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    March 20th COVID-19 update

    This . . . View: I assume at least. To add, I wanted to know if any of you seen this? View: and if you care to share your thoughts about it? I was wondering if this is why the Trump admin is calling...
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    March 20th COVID-19 update

    yea, it was a bit before Italy's cases exploded . . . It was barely covered. There was a festival and they refused to close it and ALOT of people went to it. The people had the same attitude as those spring breakers. It was in the news, a local news broadcasting but I do not recall what channel...
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