Crime & Merit - Loose Access to a Personal Mission?


Feb 27, 2020
RSI Handle
I have been running some missions in combo with trade since 3.8.2 with no problem. Last night I killed a few locals due to boredom. I cleared my crime stat and went to bed. I wake and log in, attempt to make some money and I notice I lost my access to the usual missions. I ask around and I get this:

"There's a hidden variable for missions called 'merit' which determines which missions you can get, and basically how dependable you are. You lose merit by failing missions and I think also by generally being a bad guy (ie, killing people, committing crimes). Only way to raise merit is to keep doing whatever missions you have available and succeeding. I think you can also received shared missions from others as well and farm it that way."

"The bounty hunting removes PD until next wipe or account reset, not for your current session."

"Ok so for the unlawful delivery missions you’re essentially a drug mule. The mission giver wants that crate delivered as fast and safe as possible. A person with a crime stat attracts attention which they don’t want. So logically it makes sense that they would prefer someone with no record so that the box is delivered safely."

I ran a delivery mission to see if I could get any change but, there was no change. I just wanted to share. Seems I have to wait for the next wipe :/
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