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    3.17.2 Should be going LIVE tomorrow
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    WTB Sabre Raven, Glaive and BMM

    I would rather the raven first if its available.
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    G'Day Everyone

    Welcome to Test 🤟
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    i have finally been here a year with you bunch of lunatics

    Thanks for making it an enjoyable one. Onwards to many more I love you all TEST SQUADRON!
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    Fifth anniversary in TEST Squadron!

  6. Sai-ko

    It ain't easy being cheesy

    It ain't easy being cheesy
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    Hello all you Testinators!

    Welcome to Test :o7:
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    J.J. Blaze

    Welcome to Test :o7:
  9. Sai-ko

    Just little ol me

    Welcome to Test :o7:
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    I am a meat Popsicle.

    Welcome meat popsicle :o7:
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    Four unannounced ships coming

    Cmon the 400i🤞
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    Thumper (aka Crusader 6 in game)

    Welcome to Test
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    Have we ever done a full server photo?

    Yes we do
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    Have we ever done a full server photo?

    50 people, 50 ships, 1 photo There's more than enough people in Test to do so. Not only is it something to do but it's good recruiting content. Everyone in the test armour standing in front of 50 ships all pointing toward the same forward point with 50 people in 5 rows of 10 standing in front...
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