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    [LEAK] ROC 2.0??

    Can I strap one of those new movable Gatling gun turrets to the mining arm so I can harvest some souls?
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    Figured out the shape of the stealth ship?

    I think we got trolled with an invisible 400i. The shadows in the hanger and the shape of the outline at the end of the vid seems to fit. What say you fearless leader @Montoya?
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    CIG tweeted out the Origin logo then removed it

    That actually is the ship page, most notable is that this is the scan feature when someone tries to ping your ship and they get this instead. I can't wait till next years ship thats already been leaked, the Origin 30k. I hear its a bit disconnected from the rest of the origin line though.
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    Scotch TEST Dummies?!

    6 scotches in and all you scots look blurry to me. Amazingly I suddenly start talking with a Scottish accent.
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    If you drink enough on Friday and Saturday (maybe it bleeds over to early sunday morning) you can wake up again on Wednesday and poof, problem solved. Not that I advocate such behavior, just an observation.
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Thats why I like Wednesday, it always cheers you on saying "Your half way there to drinking time! Hang in there" like a kitten hanging from a tree poster.
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Congrats on being the first to 1,000! Now your words of wisdom and depth will be immortalized forever on the internet and known in legend as . . . . "Wait, shit..." . . . . YOU ARE A TRUE TESTie SIR, no truer words could of been spoken to sum up this thread or what the great TEST Sqdn stands...
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    DAMN IT! I missed the 1,000 page posting. ARRRRGH, this is just like Charlie Brown kicking that football (or rather, not kicking it).
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    And do we get a reward, like they do at supermarkets and stores for being the 1 millionth customer?
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    Remember, its not the size of the post that counts, its how many of them. Now the only thing we need to ask ourselves is who will be the lucky one that makes it 1,000 pages.
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    Testing Please Ignore

    Thats it, im officially ignoring this thread and putting it on my favorites bookmarks on the favorites bar so that I'm reminded to specifically ignore it everytime I see it and wont be tempted to come poke around to see what shit talking is going down in THIS thread SPECIFCALLY, because as we...
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    Mounted guns - Space drive by?

    I was thinking something more along the lines of this, but in the back of a nomad or the hull of a valk, or maybe even a cat with its flat top and access port. Now that would be a ship worthy of the Drake name! Malcom shooting at reavers from a cannon on top of Serenity.
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    Testing Please Ignore

    I was winning the game again until you mentioned it again. Now I lost the game. Grrrr.
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    Testing Please Ignore

    Me> I think I just lost the game. You> What game? Me> The game where you cant think about the game or you lose. You> God Damn It, you just made me think of the game! Now we gotta start all over.
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