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    I'm excited for it!
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    So this is what Crusader looks like

    I am excited to jump over the rails and see how long it takes to die <3
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    Any RL scientists in the house?

    you guys complete me <3 also, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere (but I'm old and senile so I could be making this up accidentally) that super colliders would be a big part in helping us overlock energy weapons and shields, along with creating better alloys for armor, etc.
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    Any RL scientists in the house?

    my dream is using super colliders on the endeavor to collapse wormholes.. while enemy fleets are travelling in them :D
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    Any RL scientists in the house?

    I am also an expert on all things KAWOOSH! :D
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    Any RL scientists in the house?

    I know there is absolutely some made up bullshit science in game to provide the FTL lifestyle essential to gameplay, but I though I read that CIG is going to use 'real' science everywhere they can, and had astrophysicists on staff to help keep things as real as possible. Which is where I am...
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    Any RL scientists in the house?

    Hello Testies! I was wondering how many astrophysicists, biologists, botanists, basically any and all scientists, there are in Test. I have a fleet of endeavors and lots of ideas that I want to push on CIG on the forums, but I want to make sure my science sounds more real than not. Or ideally...
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    Cotarque article generating grief in the twittersphere

    They are generally as likely to tell the truth as Alex Jones/Infowars.
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    My Pic was Featured in This Week in Star Citizen !

    pics like this cause me to buy more ships!
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    Interstellar Diplomacy org accepts complete rando as an emissary representing TEST

    I have a double degree in International Relations & Diplomacy, and Pyschology. I had to become a white collar prostitute because I am also an August.
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    Hurricane Watch - The Dorian Saga

    who knew taking my 890 out for a flight would cause so much drama?!
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    Countdown to 890J

    I can't wait to explore mine! Any idea how many we have in TEST?
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    Need a new computer desk

    When in doubt, hit up IKEA (assuming you have one within reasonable distance from where you work/live)
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    Hot off the press: Valkyrie now gets some cargo space.

    too bad they don't give a limited opportunity to buy it with LTI now, since that lack of info previously impacted purchasing decisions.
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