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    Questions about how to best play CCU game

    This is a pretty good idea to stop at the BMM, I wish I would of though about it before I did my chain. I wanted a Carrack though since I already have a BMM. But yea this is a great idea since the BMM will most likely go up in price!
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    Questions about how to best play CCU game

    The only new money you'll have to spend is for the warbonds in the CCU chain. Cause you cant buy Warbonds with store credit so it would be I think about $107.51 you'll have to pay with new money tax included. Then you'll have a couple hundred in store credit for other ships in future.
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    Questions about how to best play CCU game

    2. I did the CCU chain for the Odyssey but stopped upgrading at the Carrack. So I have a Carrack with a upgrade to a Odyssey in my hangar for when the ship does come out. If it was me, what I would of done is buy a Spartan with LTI and start the CCU chain from there. Then you'll have a LTI on...
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    MISC Odyssey looks to be better explorer than Carrack! Buying Org Odyssey!

    got mine for 235 :) but then melted my Aquila so actually got it after store credit for like $63 :)
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    Welcome, you like buying ships you say???!!! Well prepare to spend more money then cause this is the game for you lol. Have any idea what you wanna do in the game if you play it? Mine, salvage, trading, bounty hunting, etc?
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    Industry Leaderboard - November 2951- Closed

    How are you guys selling your loads? When I land at a city and store your ship or the station auto stores the ship. It goes straight to claiming your ship not stored so I think id lose my cargo. EDIT : Nevermind, I can still sell my cargo even after it does that!
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    Anniversary Sale Mega Thread - Its Done - Hammer & Hawk Available until Dec 11th

    HELP ME! Can't stop buying lol. Started with a hawk, then hurricane, now a aquila and a prospector. And it's not even over yet! Lol Edit: almost forgot the sabre. I need help
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