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    Any one Playing Atlas? just got it on Xbox was looking for a company

    lol it has cross play now, so we can all play on the one server.
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    Any one Playing Atlas? just got it on Xbox was looking for a company

    Just wanted to see if any one was playing Atlas? and if there was a Test company?
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    Video: Star Citizen Today - Jan 4th

    boredgamer is the man, he can help you with configs and set up.
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    Help! Derek Smart is attacking me on twitter! :D

    i like paying less tax im in.
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    3.0 light flashing with sli anyone else have this problem

    Hello just wanted to know if any ones was having this problem? 2 x gtx 580 and im getting flashing light just like the old loading in flashing but all the time now and its only when sli is on.
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    List of new Key Bindings for 3.0

    thanks so much i was going mad the gamepad was all over the places!
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    Crytek sues CIG for breach of contract

    This is great!
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    3.0 PTU System Requirements

    im running sli gtx 580's and it going ok.
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    Star Citizen Config files, High and Low

    Hi Eiyron Thanks for the work your doing it helped out a lot just want to know will it work for 3.0 ptu or should i just wait for it to go live?
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    Lets talk 3.0, funding, TEST hate and more!

    give us more please.
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    Hello Everyone.

    Welcome to Test! and have FUN
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to Test!
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    Quick Intro

    Welcome to Test!
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    I brought some beers with me...

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