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    Celebrating 5 Years at TEST!

    Wow I can't believe I've been a part of this awesome org for so long. To five more!
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    Please don't like my thread-campaign

    We're almost reaching our 1000th page celebration on this crap. You better stop now.
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    9/11 - What were you doing when it happened?

    Watching Dragon Ball Z... I remember vividly that King Cold and Cooler had just arrived and then we had to turn the TV to the news so the American kids in school could see what was happening.
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    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    Sundays Euro Ops was a success! Thanks to O-Lefty's guidance we had a bunch of varied scenarios that we haven't tried before! Whilst I'll try to make sure that these happen every Sunday, tune in on Weekdays too for some impromptu Star Citizen action!
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    We're almost there to unlock the Nautilus In-Game Flair!

    4 days remain to unlock the Nautilus in-game flair! all you have to do is visit this link and play some PvP minesweeper!
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    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    Thanks for the feedback, I've edited the main post and filled out the FAQ with answers to your questions!
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    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    FAQ Q. Will this be a repeat event? A. That depends entirely on attendance; if this is something people want to continue to do then I don't mind running it. __ Q. PU or PTU? A. Unless PTU is open to all, we will be running organised events like this in the PU to ensure that everyone that...
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    TEST Euro Ops - Sunday 1

    Hey all, I'll be setting up some group PvP events this Sunday for all those that are interested (Euro-friendly time) If you're interested in large team based ground battles and other events with your fellow TESTies just show up on the TEST Squadron Discord and join in! Info Unless it is...
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    Fun on Daymar 16 Aug, 2019

    Currently the PvP ops and events that are happening are spontaneous but they've been happening every day this week during peak US hours once enough people turn up on the Discord. There's likely going to be a bunch of PvP ops on Tonight from about 6pm Eastern onward.
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    TEST PvP OP Highlights!

    Just a few shots from Tonight's Star Citizen shenanigans! [Monday August 12th] We had twelve or so TESTies with us Tonight! Was a lot of fun putting together a series of neat events with Montoya and the gang (Capture The Hammerhead, Raid the Starfarer & Base raiding!) Last pic is of winners...
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    Had a great session tonight running PVP OPs in the PU! We should organise them more frequently!

    I was around so it was streamed. It will have me interacting with my chat community etc but the missions we played that night are all there. If you wanted to use the video for other purposes you're more than welcome to download it but it will have my mug in the corner unfortunately...
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    Had a great session tonight running PVP OPs in the PU! We should organise them more frequently!

    Tonight was a lot of fun running simple PvP operations on Crusader's moons! This event was unscheduled and just happened because there were a bunch of TESTies in the Discord doing their own thing. Who would be up for doing these more often? I think these will continue to happen unscheduled most...
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    CitizenCon Swag Bags for All Members Available!!!

    Worth it just for the patch TBH, it's super great quality!
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    "The Newly Redesigned 2948 Mustang Beta": My team's (Arts&Crafts) entry for the Mustang Ship Commercial

    Simply amazing; loved the narrative style and tones of the voice actor! It's a nice contrast in energy from the official Kraken trailer from earlier this month. I hope that whatever prize that CIG gives the winners is comparable to the talent and effort that you and your team put into these...
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