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    My first organisation

    Oh no...another one Welcome to TEST
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    Hi! New to SC!

    Welcome to TEST
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    Welcome to TEST!
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    Salutations fellow Citizens

    Welcome to TEST!!
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    Flashback five years

    Who's Montoya??
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    Player controlled Javelin footage

    Very Exciting Pew Pew action
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    Yellow fellow testers !

    Exactly, Vampire Spai! We need anti vampire weapons just in case. Montoya's bath water......its the same as holy water right? Welcome to TEST!!
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    Hey fellow pilots

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    Newb here ready to be “average” for the test team!

    Welcome to TEST! We are trying our best to be average, one of us may make it one day
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    Wish i had recorded it😤

    Yea i kind of forgot about my MSR in the heat of things, ramp would have been closed anyway. Im kind of ocd with closing it. Yea i use both Novikov and Pembroke armours, the frosting up is still a pain though
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    Wish i had recorded it😤

    The few hours i get to jump into the verse are usually a quiet affair, i'm ROC mining my way up atm to buy a prospector. I jump in for an hour or two, mine then sell and leave. But a few nights ago i had a random encounter that was the most fun i have had in the verse in a long time. so if you...
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    Space hello

    Space Welcome!!
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    Hi All

    Welcome to TEST!
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    welcome to TEST!
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    Horrible Star Citizen Attack Piece! Be Strong!

    Guttertrash Article
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