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    Well hello there

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Hi, I'm Ruminator

    " I signed up after seeing a couple of Montoya's videos" People watch those?? 🤔
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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Free for 1 Day ......if you have PRIME
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    Hello All excited to be here!!

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Finally Made it to Space

    Welcome to TEST
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    Hi :)

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Welcome to TEST!
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    Welcome to TEST!
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    Inisheer Intro

    Welcome to TEST!
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    New, old guy member

    I mean with credentials like this you are practically family!
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    Welcome to TEST!
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    Starfield Gameplay deep dive - Montoya Reacts to Starfield Reveal

    Honestly...I found it very average, which is of course without playing the game myself. I 100% think that playing Star Citizen has moved the bar I judge games with a lot higher. This is a AAA from a legendary studio and I found myself underwhelmed. There was only ship building that Star Citizen...
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    Newbie question: What does planning a Fleet means in SC?

    My fleet is my Aurora!
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    Elite: Dangerous anyone?

    Not for a long time....the sound design is still unbeatable though
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    Inisheer Intro

    Welcome to TEST!
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