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    Guilded User Feedback

    Hey all! Wanted to share a unique opportunity. Guilded is doing some user research and giving out gift cards in return for design feedback. You can sign up here: The one condition they have is that you should not be an active Guilded user.
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    TEST SQUADRON TOP GUN Propaganda needed!

    TEST invented and copyrighted Top Gun. Now no other rival org can claim to be top gun
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    My daughter makes monsters..

    Absolutely wowed!! I'll keep that in mind when it comes time to prep for Citizencon 2020!
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    "Join TEST", they said. "Make an introduction post", they said..

    Welcome to TEST! Now you are trapped in here with us! Sounds delightful eh?
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    GameGlass special discount for TEST Squadron [UPDATE Code Works Forever Now]

    Hello TESTies, Hope everyone is doing well and that the US folks here had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In light of Citizencon + Black Friday, GameGlass is having a 20% discount for TEST Squadron members until December 5th! Thanks to August (and our TEST members at Citizencon 2019) for reaching out...
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    CitizenCON 2019 picture repository

    Amazing pics! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
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    Zyloh posts that Carrack will only be ready in Feb. Surprised Pikachu!

    Lies! Surely this is misdirection from CIG, especially since they have carrack booths set up.
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    New TEST propaganda poster available at CitizenCon

    Fresh off the press! View:
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    Anyone use a wireless headset for gaming?

    Usually no (especially if you set up PTT). Have you tried non-gamery headsets? The reason I use BOSE is the fact they are super duper comfortable as they are designed to be worn for long flights. Gamer headsets are usually heavy + subpar earpads + bad ergonomics. Another bonus is you can use...
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    Anyone use a wireless headset for gaming?

    Do you have a microwave near your PC? Stuff like that can generate interference.
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    Anyone use a wireless headset for gaming?

    I use my Bose QC35 for gaming paired with a 3.5mm mic I don't notice any latency as the Windows bluetooth codec is pretty great in handling it.
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    PC Part advice plz

    Ryzen 2000 is finicky with ram so make sure your ram is on their supported list. I would try to see if you can budget out a 3600 though, the Zen 2 platform is what got everyone super hyped.
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    Sixth anniversary of TEST Squadron and my membership!

    Test comment please ignore.
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    Sixth anniversary of TEST Squadron and my membership!

    Just got the following notification today: Before accepting this award I would like to express my sincerest thanks to my ever-supporting family, the neverending hordes of TESTes, the beer, and our glorious leader Montoya (may he reign eternal). To be granted such a prestigious recognition by...
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    Testing Please Ignore

    I said ignore!!
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