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    Thumper (aka Crusader 6 in game)

    Welcome to Test
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    Have we ever done a full server photo?

    50 people, 50 ships, 1 photo There's more than enough people in Test to do so. Not only is it something to do but it's good recruiting content. Everyone in the test armour standing in front of 50 ships all pointing toward the same forward point with 50 people in 5 rows of 10 standing in front...
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    SC and Drinks - Every Wednesday

    I hate being in EU, get left out of everything due to the time difference.
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    Subscriber Rewards for May 2021

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    Intro - Olgluk

    Welcome :o7:
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    Another new guy :D

    Welcome to the madhouse
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    The ultimate chair for Star Citizen
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    Offering Prison Escapes Contact me on Discord

    Offering Prison Escapes Contact me on Discord
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    Operation: Borrow an Idris

    Im down just for the craziness of it. Can only contribute my gunner skills
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    Hello! Just A Scrub Looking For Some Sunshine :)

    Welcome to Test 🍻
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    Hello, I'm Tez Tickle

    Thank you. You should come visit. Whilst the highlands are great you should definitely avoid going as far north as possible. The more you go up the less there is to do. Stay around Glasgow or Edinburgh. FYI its really cold, especially if you're going up to Kilmarnock so bring your wooly underwear
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    Hello, I'm Tez Tickle

    Where in Scotland?
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