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    Four unannounced ships coming

    I agree completely, but how else will they break $400!!!! Really, I just wished they would meet their timeline more often. I understand they are doing "new" things and speed bumps happen. But after the first few years you would have thought they would get their deadlines narrowed a bit more...
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    Attention all Gamers

    Welcome Sailor!
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    Greetings TESTicles!

    Welcome to TEST!
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    hello fellow TESTicles

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Greetings Fellow Denizens!

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Hey TEST

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Hey Folks!

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Hello There!

    Welcome to the frying pan!
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    BMM Price increase?

    Looks like four size 6's for the pilot and a size 5 rear turret with 2 mounts
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    I did something terrible...

    If it makes you feel any better... when joining this forum it "required" me to select the ships I owned from a select list. I didnt actually have any of the ships on the list .. so Iied and chosen the Aurora!! ..... I NEVER OWNED ONE!!! MUAHAHAHHAHA
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    Test Squadron Best Squadron o7

    Welcome to TEST!
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    Cheers Mate!
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    Dedication to the cause! Hi

    The servers had too much booze... Oh who am I kidding... there is no "too much"
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    Dedication to the cause! Hi

    HEY!! I'm a Vikk too!!!!!!
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