1. B

    Stella Fortuna WarBond CCU's and other items

    Starting with the CCU's: Ship Normal ship price CCU ship price Saving Cheapest CCU starting option Minimum Cost CCU Maximum CCU Discount Vanguard Warden $260 $245 $15 $240 (Limited) - Scorpius $240 (Permanent) - Constellation Andromeda $5 (Limited) $5 (Permanent) 75% (Limited) 75%...
  2. B

    3.18 WarBond CCU's and other items

    Starting with the CCU's: Ship Normal ship price CCU ship price Saving Cheapest CCU starting option Minimum Cost CCU Maximum CCU Discount Freelancer MAX (Subscriber only) $150 $140 $10 $135 (Limited) - Cutlass Red $135 (Permanent) -Freelancer DUR $5 (Limited) $5 (Permanent) 66% (Limited) 66%...
  3. vahadar

    LTI discounted Ships, upgrades and items - vahadar's at cost emporium for TESTies - [CLOSED]

    👉 Shop rules and pricing policies in next post (please read first). 👈 - 10% PayPal fees. - French VAT is back (no more access to VAT free card) so add 20% to melt value before Paypal fees. - Open to TESTies Main only, PayPal verified, registered on forum for 3 months at least (though I reserve...
  4. LilleMats

    Trading is NOT for pussies

    Hey. well i'm a huge trade/cargo hauler in game and i find that part of the game to be the most exciting atm, just flying around testing all and every trade route i could possibly find. 30k's seem to have become a lot less usual lately and in having me make huge profits to. ohh i cant even...
  5. DirectorGunner

    A note about old $0 CCUs

    if you're new, There used to be a thing called $0 CCUs where CIG allowed you to freely CCU to any ship of the same value. As time went on and CIG increased ship prices, these $0 CCU's could still be applied so that you would benefit from the price increase they made. If you melted you would only...
  6. SullyQuindarius


    So after my overdramatic jpeg thread, I have decided to get a Harbinger. Unfortunately, my Harbinger CCU is from the Aquila. Which happens to now cost $310. So does anyone have a CCU to the Harbinger? Preferably from the Constellation Andromeda, since that's what I'll be CCUing. Any ship that...
  7. SullyQuindarius

    Anyone got a Pirate Caterpillar CCU?

    So I've been thinking about getting a Caterpillar. It's been off and on for a long time. I'm finally almost convinced. So does anyone have a cheap CCU to the Caterpillar Pirate Edition? I'm broke ATM, so I wouldn't be able to buy it yet, I'm just trying to see if anyone actually has a giftable one.
  8. DrunkenTeddy

    [WTS] Please Don't Buy My Ships!

    Closed for now, will post again when I am back up and running.
  9. marcsand2

    How does melting and unmelting work

    I have bought a "few" ships on the grey market. They all are not giftable, a few are CCUd, one package. The package has a CCU which I want to be removed. If I receive a package, CCUd, can I melt it when I receive it and buy it back with store credits at once? Or must I wait a day after claiming...
  10. Star Pilgrim

    Melting, remelting, melting some more?

    Man ow man, this sale made my head spin. I've made some mistakes and I have to wait 1 day to remelt heh. :D I came to the idea to melt everything and take a favourite Package and then CCU ships as I please. The bonus is, the larger packs have Lifetime Insurance on every ship. Nice place to CCU...
  11. Reptar Khan

    Maximize Your ShipPipeline Fun Potential!

    Why keep awesome unusable ships tying up your hard earned money?! THIS Friday-Sunday is the time to organize your Star Citizen Roll-Out Experince! TL;DR Using excel (optional, I just like excel), a touch of research, and the CCU tool, you can melt any of your big non-playable ships and have a...
  12. Star Pilgrim

    Cross Chassis Upgrades are online

    OK as promissed by Ben yesterday in ATV, new CCU system is online. HERE Simply select your ship that you would like to CCU to something else, and the system will pick the most cost effective and fastest way for you. It will show you to what other ship you can CCU it to and the cost involved...
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