1. Myre

    Made a quick 5 minute tutorial for FOIP!

    Hey guys! Made a quick tutorial for FOIP! View: I'll probably make a new one showcasing VOIP whenever that comes online. Cheers!
  2. Radegast74

    Free Look using FOIP

    I found the "Free Look" setting in FOIP, tried it out, and found it to be pretty damn good! Check out the video below...I was thinking of getting Track IR but wanted to wait and see how this worked. Boy, am I glad I waited...I'm sure Track IR is better, but for the price of "free" (I dug up my...
  3. DirectorGunner

    FOIP FaceWare and FaceRig? I'm relieved to received this incredibly friendly answer from the developers of FaceRig. The tech is really similar and come to find out FaceRig devs are fans of Star Citizen too! What are your...
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