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Mar 27, 2018
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Let me introduce my thesis. I am a sound guy - a technician that works with sound, and the imaginary image that blossom from its nature of sounds. I then of course starts to think inside my box (as well as outside the box).

I love going on events, I meet people and I enjoy the entertainment on stage. But in Star Citizen, will a civilization really feel alive without this? I mean, its in our (human) nature to give ourselves pleasure (pun intended). Creating carnivals, parties, alcohol, cockfighting, car racing.. Pretty much everything for the purpose of entertainment.

Has there been any mention in live bands playing in Star Citizen, such as the Cantina Band from Star Wars. Will there be any live performances when entering a bar that celebrating 10 years of existence and successful business. Maybe even a parade in a town that celebrates their independence from alien space? Civilian events in game, if you will.

Maybe not so different?
Did I forget something?
Did I mention alcohol?
Did I mention beer?

Thanks for reading.

Nov 7, 2017
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I think there has been, but i don't have solid info on it right now. I know i guy who'd know, though, so i'll ask him.

EDIT: No official word on it, though they've implied in a few videos that we'll (maybe) have bands (at some point), with the Cantina Band being specifically mentioned as an example. There have also been several rumours about in-game musical instruments, although those are completely unsubstantiated as far as i can tell. This would be a great question for Calling All Devs, though, so if you want to ask it, i'm sure we can give you enough upvotes to get it actually answered.
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