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Nov 22, 2016
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As for repairing / rearming with the crucible, I seem to vaguely remember something about the ships that have hangars / pads being able to supply the ships landed...
Okey, Endeavor Q&A part one:
“Like the Javelin’s hangar, the number of ships allowed depends on the size of those ships, specifically. The Landing Bay is currently spec’d to be 30m wide, 65m deep running underneath the main spine of the Endeavor, and 10m tall. The included facilities and systems can accommodate possibly to 4 craft as space allows. Remember, that the general rule in Star Citizen is that ‘if it fits, it sits’ (with a max limit of four with regards to munitions/stores/etc.); so you can calculate the space any individual ship using those measurements.
So, Endeavor hangar has a max limit of 4 crafts munitions, stores and etc. wise. Think the implication here is that it can refuel and rearm up to 4 ships, though more could potentially land if they fit. (Probably like 30 furies or something.)

Oh, similar stuff in Odyssey Q&A:
Can the Odyssey refuel other ships or is it limited to the vehicles in its hangar?
The Odyssey can only refuel ships landed in its hangar via on-foot/manual refueling.
I think if ships like Endeavor and Odyssey can refuel (and probably rearm as well), then it'd be a bit silly for the garage ship not to be able to fulfil that function.

EDIT: Oh right, and Vulcan is specifically sold as "Refuel. Repair. Rearm."
If a medium ship can do that, I'm pretty sure the large garage ship can.
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Oct 4, 2020
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I CCU'd my Hornet Tracker to the Terrapin....I joined "Space Turtle' club. Always liked the design (mostly except for the scanning chair position). I had just watched Avenger One demolish a Gladius and then a Bucc with the Turtle without so much as a scratch and thought "I can do that". But despite cost it has a shit-load of armor and just shrugs off incoming fire without effort. I did read up some owner remarks and all who spent time with it liked it, despite having no real current use case..other than laughing at Gladius and Bucc pilots it seems.

Also CCU'd my Titan Stalker for an Anvil Hawk and picked up the Avenger Renegade to fill the Titan size hole in my heart...oh and yes bought both flavors of MX's...
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