Anyone catch this on ISC?


Space Marshal
Oct 22, 2018
RSI Handle
I deeply appreciate the efforts the devs put into Trolling :love:

In that vein, the most entertaining use of a PvP slider would be to play cat-n-mouse with whatever flavor of murder hobo, then 'slide' out of the fight at the last minute. Just to hear them rage.

In EvE online we called that a Covops Cloak, and it was hilarious fun to get a small fleet chasing you all over 3 systems whilst your capitols moved into place for the real fight. Especially if using a stealth bomber, because it could do some serious damage to a careless fleet.

No, its not quite the same because the cloaking could be busted under a few circumstances. But an experienced pilot was damn hard to catch and could terrorize a system for hours.
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