Dec 22, 2018
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I bet, it makes sense. Imagine using a tug or a couple to drag a damaged Bengal to hide in the asteroid belt so you can repair it.
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Dec 3, 2018
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So once again I face the dilemma. Do I really need this ship? Ok, so I already have all of the medical/SAR/utility ships (minus crucible). So I can go salvage a derelict ship of any size, I can do basic repairs/refuel to a small/medium sized ship, and I can provide medical assistance to any size ship. At least 2 or 3 of those DO have small tractor beams on them, but I imagine it's more for moving a vessel a short distance, at probably quite slow speed. Not made for towing, but can maybe technically do it. Where as this guy can outright tow a Cutlass and possible a Connie w/o cargo all on her own.

I like being able to have resources to provide for any situation a person/ship in distress might need. Just trying to think how often I would need to tow a ship that I can't just repair/refuel out in space for customer. I suppose if I don't have the right parts or enough fuel on my Vulcan? Maybe it could have a combat retrieval role. Say one of our fighters gets their engines disabled, and area isn't safe to bring in a repair ship... with its heavy armor & shields, maybe it could be feasible to swoop in with this guy and tractor the fighter out of immediate combat area? I didn't think of this last one, but someone said you could basically be a space repo with this. Which leaves open the possibility for less-legal options for jacking ships. One dude said have this paired with crucible for a chop-shop operation lol. I won't be going down that path (at least not with my main), but possibility for some of you.

I forgot what I paid for past ships, but someone mentioned it costs more than a cutlass. Price does seem a bit high, which is giving pause (especially when my dumb-ass just bought the 2 valentine ships).
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