Auto-looting and Auto-selling


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Apr 15, 2022
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With the upcoming database reset and reduction in aUEC balances, I'm guessing that most people would probably like a way to help return their accounts to their current state after the patch releases. This being the case, here's a video I came across a week or so back which may be of interest regarding the use of "VoiceAttack" software (This will work with free\demo version, and I believe that CIG approve the use of this program).

It can take a small amount of time to set up (Training to recognise your voice - although you can also bind to a key\button if you prefer, working out the distance the mouse need to move for each command, and remembering to set and hide filters on inventory screens), but that pays off once you get it working... The most important things when setting this up is to test movement distances before adding mouse clicks to commands (I found out through trial and error that you need to enable "move using relative data" and "animate movement"), and make sure the terminal screen is centered\not angled when selling.

With the software being on sale (steam), I'm tempted to pick up the full version and to add one or more HCS voicepacks in the future to make solo flying feel like there's a crew on board.

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Jun 3, 2016
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Wow. I love to see stuff like this. Thanks so much. There is almost nothing better we can do for each other than the find and share ways that make the game faster, easier and more enjoyable.
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