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Nov 19, 2023
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What will exploration in SC look like? What could it look like? Who really knows besides those CIG employees working hard on this project around the globe. The below video got me jazzed again about the possibilities. To me, exploration should be the bedrock of SC around which a lot of gameplay loops such as mining, salvage, data running, relic hunting, and various org activities. I hope that they add more complexity with this activity.

I especially like the idea of having to actively engage in various scanning methods. Maybe there could be a separate scanning setting or module to specialize in searching for heavy metals, composite metals that are not shielded, power plant energy output, topography, radiation, etc. So, if you're not using the correct scanning setting or module you can simply fly right by something of interest or right into a potentially hazardous situation such as an irradiated area or ensuing battle. Maybe even allow for scanning during quantum travel. Besides having the skillset to narrow or expand your scan for more or less detail analysis, this might be enough to make exploration using a ships scanners entertaining enough.

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