CFT: Gaining Ground - Sunday Sept 26


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Aug 10, 2020
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The nefarious Furious Diamonds group has captured an allied carrack from Holston Inc.

Holston has reached out for assistance recovering the carrack and its cargo. Currently, its engines require repair, and it is stuck in the atmosphere, so it should be an easy target.

We need to take back the Carrack and return it to Holton Inc. We don't want to damage the carrack anymore than it already has been, so be careful; when boarding the carrack.


Start Location: PU -> Stanton System -> MicroTech -> Port Tressler
Start time: 19:45 UTC - 3:45pm EST
COMS: TEST Discord -> Voice Chat -> CFT - Briefing

Personal Equipment Required:
  • Test Armor: full yellow set / full black set
    • Inquisitor armor can be found at Grim Hex.
  • No weapon restrictions
  • Lots of medpens
  • Board the stolen Carrack
  • Eliminate or capture the enemies
  • Team coordination

Getting Started:
  • At 19:45, we will gather in TEST Discord -> CFT - Briefing
  • Makes sure you are at the required start location and in the main menu.
  • We will be launching at the start time. If you are late, you will need to join after.
  • Further instructions will be given during the briefing.
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