Change of heart on the Pioneer, looks like TEST is getting one! [Funding complete!]


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Oct 31, 2013
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An unusually large donation arrived yesterday from @ratfeast from the donate link at the top of this page.

I PMd him to thank him for his drunken generosity, Im pretty sure he was trying to donate $2.

I was looking forward to buying an expensive bourbon to drink tonight, but Ratfeast insists this $200 go towards TEST getting a Pioneer!

So after that long ass post about why I feel we do not need an org owned Pioneer, this is a complete 180 because nobody gives a shit about anything I say anyway.

We are getting an org owned Pioneer because we are a big family here, and a big family needs a big house.

A house with many rooms, on many moons and planets.

More like a neighborhood that spans entire solar systems.

Here in this socialist utopia that is TEST, nobody goes hungry, homeless, or without Montoyacare!

Im going to go ahead and put this on my credit card, there are 400 Warbond Pioneers left, Ill grab one for the org.

The thought of thousands of you being homeless breaks my heart!

We are at $750-$200 so $550 in.

Usually Seung sets up donation drives, but he is busy with his book learning in Korea.

The Donation link at the top of this page is usually for the normal monthly donation drive, but if you want to contribute to the Pioneer, just indicate that its for the Pioneer or I will just use the money to buy booze.

Donation goal: $750

--------------- Pioneer lovers: ------------

@ratfeast - $200
@Radegast74 - $5
@MikeNificent - $50
@EpilepticCricket - $20
@Naruw - $250 :open_mouth: wtf?!? You just grabbed naming rights away from ratfeast!
Guest - $20 (who are you???)
@Stevetank $20

@Injustice $50

@Vavrik - $25
@StdDev - $20
Guest - $10 thank you stranger, who are you?

@Mazawrath - $50

Congrats TEST Squadron!

Never listen to me again.

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Jul 18, 2016
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Edit: I call first round dibs on using the space-orgy modules. We are going to have a perv planet right?
I'm seeing a perv-planet, a beer-planet with three beer-moons, a wine cellar... I mean moon and a space-station/palace for Montoya and his administration circling close to the sun.
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