🏴‍☠️ Data Center Security Breach ⚔ LIVE, Saturday June 4, 22:00 UTC / 6 PM EST


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Feb 19, 2018
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When: Saturday June 4, 3 PM PST / 6 PM EST / 22:00 UTC (Saturday) / 00:00 CET (Sunday)
Where: Stanton System -> Microtech
What: Yellow Jackets / TSMC exercises

Exercise goals:
Learn how to operate Tonk solo (drive, select targets and fire main cannon from the remote turret at the same time; there are many hills and canyons on Microtech, as well as large rock formations that obstruct field of view -- locking on the target is not enough to destroy it).

Exercises also allow participants to train rough terrain landing procedures, insertion techniques, high-intensity clearing and precision room clearing techniques, etc.


Exercise plan and objectives:
-- Team Alpha and Team Bravo fly to Shubin Mining Facility SMO-18 on Microtech and load 2-4 Tonks (Alpha), and 2-4 Spartans or Ballistas (Bravo),
-- Team Bravo jumps to OM-5 from SMO-18, then jumps to Data Center E2Q-NSG-Y on Microtech and holds in the air,
-- Team Alpha jumps to OM-5 from SMO-18, then jumps to Data Center E2Q-NSG-Y and lands in the designated area (directions below) /phase I/,
-- Team Alpha unloads Tonks, mounts them, drives to the Data Center and destroys all AAA turrets /phase II/,
-- Team Alpha unmounts Tonks and switches to the phase III - defend the bunker with small arms (incl. grenade launchers), mounted gun, and Tonk machine guns only (main cannon not allowed at this stage; additionally, all tanks remain stationary),
-- Team Bravo lands in the mission area, unloads vehicles, mounts them and drives to the Data Center,
-- Team Bravo clears the bunker area with small arms and vehicle weapons (machine guns only).

-- Optionally, both teams use tonks, because why not,
-- Optionally, we can try to get the underground facility mission to spawn NPCs, then kill 'em all without getting CrimeStat.,
-- Team Alpha is allowed to hide in the underground facility,
-- Team Bravo is allowed (and even encouraged) to enter underground facility and conduct search & destroy.


Team Alpha and Team Bravo landing sites and planned movement:


Team Alpha directions:


See you there.

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Jun 5, 2016
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I will try and get there if I can
Wife's birthday weekend, so I want to spend a lot of time with her.
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